WorkIT Software welcomes Frédéric Nahon, new Vice President of Sales

Boulogne-Billancourt, February 15th 2017 – WorkIT Software, leading big data software provider for e-commerce, is proud to welcome Frédéric Nahon into its team as Vice President of Sales. This new addition to the team will allow the company to carry on with its commercial expansion in Europe and beyond.


Before his nomination as leader of the european sales team for WorkIT Software, Frédéric Nahon worked several years for Expedia before joining the marketing email solutions provider Smartfocus (formerly Emailvision), where he successively took responsibilities as Sales Director and Vice-President of South European Sales.


Frédéric brings to WorkIT Software his extensive experience of the software industry and of international markets, which will allow WorkIT Software to amplify even further its commercial expansion on new markets. Frédéric’s experience will also benefit the promotion of WorkIT Analytics, the company’s leading software solution, which allows both brands and retailers to enjoy a 360° vision of their market, in real time.