You’re a RETAILER: WorkIT Software helps you make both your product range and your price positioning MORE COMPETITIVE;


Thanks to WorkIT Software’s Tracker, W2P and Alerts solutions, you can get answers to the questions you ask yourself every day:


What are the market’s real-time prices?

Who is offering lower prices than I am on my key items?

What impact is the marketplace  having on prices?

How can I optimize my profit margins?

Is my price positioning optimal for my core products?

Where are the gaps in my offer?

What does the competition have in its product range?

Are my in-stores prices consistent with on-line prices?


Above and beyond the day-to-day, WorkIT Software lets you access a 6-month on-line history in order to understand your market’s trends, so you’ll be able to:


Prepare for key sales periods, like Christmas, Black Friday and Back-to-School.

Analyze the competition’s market aggressiveness.

Compare your price positioning for a given brand with the competition’s.

Prepare reports for top management.

Access pan-European market data.