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WorkIT Software, Stay In Tune With Your Competitors!

WorkIT Software is a competitive price intelligence solution specially designed for e-commerce brands and distributors. We help our customer monitor their prices at scale.

Thanks to its database and catalogue of e-commerce products, WorkIT Software provides its clients with a 360-degree vision of their markets, through innovative solutions relative to analysis, alerts, and market positioning studies.

Automated benchmarking tool on more than 100 millions of products

Thanks to its algorithms for web scraping, WorkIT Software automates e-commerce pricing intelligence by collecting data in real time from 98% of distributors.

WorkIT Software, competitive price intelligence tools specially designed for brands


Workit assists brands in the development and following up of their digital sales strategy answering quickly and easily to the following questions:

  • Which websites are your products listed on?
  • What is your price?
  • What are your competitors’ prices?
  • Is your selective distribution policy well respected?
  • Are your products sold out in some of the distributors?
  • Is customer feedback positive?

Are you currently distributing thousands of products on the web? With WorkIT Sotware, you will be able to track the evolution of market prices, detect who is selling cheaper than you, and study the opportunities for margin optimization. You will also be able to understand how to improve your product assortment. 

Retailers’ favorite price monitoring software


Key data about your products, accessible quickly and easily from your browser


The most user-friendly competitive price intelligence tool, directly accessible from your browser. Tracker is a browser extension that monitors your product prices directly from your website or your competitors’. A quick and efficient price intelligence solution.

  • Price Positioning
  • Availability
  • Delivery Fee
  • Market Positioning
  • Price history charts

WorkIT Analytics, scalable price monitoring software

The most powerful 360-degree price intelligence software

Personalize your dashboard with the categories, products, and competitors you need to track in real time. WorkIT Analytics is the most powerful and highly specialized price intelligence solution. Presented in the form of matrices, it allows you to generate different views and reports, according to the products or competitors you want to track.

Create, save and export the price history charts back to 12 months.

Tracking customer reviews

A better vision of what your customers think about your products

The Customer Reviews module allows you to see in real time what your customers think about your products in each distributor. WorkIT Analytices enables you to get a clear vision of the reviews on your products and your competitors’.

  • Total Number of reviews
  • Feedback by distributor
  • Warning Indicator
  • Average on Market

Track your competitors’ promotions

Be aware of original prices, percentage of discount & special offers created by your competitors on your product range

  • Overview of market promotions
  • Your competitors’ promotional activities
  • Average Price per brand / distributor
  • Advanced Reporting Feature


Stay aware anytime, anywhere.

Make your price intelligence strategy easier allowing WorkIT Software to keep you posted. You can be informed about your market price evolutions, according to your needs.

You can also create alerts to track your own prices ranking within the market. You can also be informed about stock availability, market moves, removed products or new products arrival.

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Presence in more than 25 countries

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