You are a BRAND: WorkIT WorkIT helps you develop and pursue your  MARKETING STRATEGY.


Thanks to WorkIT’s Tracker, W2P and Alerts tools, you can get answers to the questions you ask yourself every day:

Which sites carry my products?

Who is driving the market down on my core products?

What are my competition’s prices on products with comparable technical features?

Is my selective distribution policy really being respected? ?

Which of my products are sold-out on line?

How is the launch of my latest range going?

How does my product structure compare to the competition’s?


Above and beyond the day-to-day, WorkIT lets you access a 6-month on-line history in order to understand your market’s trends, so you’ll be able to:


Assess key sales periods, like Christmas, Black Friday and Back-to-School.

Analyze your clients’ market aggressiveness.

Study the competition’s price positioning.

Prepare reports for top management.

Access pan-European market data.